What Is A 24 Hour Urine Test And Why Should I Take It?

Urine tests are one of the most powerful tools that doctors have to test for potential health issues, because:

  • if a doctor has asked you to take one, he or she has a very good reason to do so and
  • the test itself is really easy to take.

A urine test is one of the least invasive tests that can be conducted today.  The test itself is very simple, whether a lab or home test kit is used.

lab urine test

When a lab test is ordered, a person submits a urine sample into a collector cup and hands it to a doctor or a lab technician. The urine is then analyzed for the pre-determined markers over the course of 24 hours to a few days.

In the lab, the urine sample may be subjected to many different tests such as microscopic review, chemical assays, immunoassays, DNA analysis, mass spectrometry and others.

home pregnancy urine test
home pregnancy urine test

When a home urine test kit is used, the person urinates directly onto a strip or small collector stick. Typically, the test stick contains an agent that will change color when a positive result is found.

Most home urine tests are very specific to one or two diseases or conditions (like pregnancy), whereas lab tests can test for a wide range of diseases.

The urine test has become a very popular in the past few decades and its one of the best known tools used by employers and health clinics today.

What Is A Urine Test Used For?

A urine test can detect many different things.

Doctors often order them to check patients for basic body functions. In this case, they are looking for things such as glucose, protein, bacteria and red blood cells present in the urine.

In addition, doctors may ask patients to take at a urine test when they suspect a serious medical problem such as an STD, kidney disease or liver malfunction.

One of the basic screenings is to look for protein in the urine. Protein in urine is bad, as it is a primary sign of serious kidney malfunction or other serious diseases including sickle cell anemia.

Urine tests can also be used to detect minor problems within the body. They can be used to check metabolism rate, for example. Dietitians also order urine tests to check for proper hydration and for adequate mineral and vitamin levels.

Accuracy of Results

Lab-based urine tests produce highly accurate results, whether they are used for disease detection or drug testing.

In contrast, some home-based urine test kits are known to produce false negatives and false positives, requiring follow-up lab testing for confirmation. This is especially true for urine-based drug tests.

Don’t Pass On the Pee Test

The urine test is one of the least invasive tests the doctors have to offer, and it might just allow you to make the subtle changes to make your body and its metabolic system work better.

By the way, when your doctor orders a urine test, it does NOT mean you will be tested for drugs.  Urine drug tests are almost always ordered by employers or government officials, not doctors, unless there are extenuating circumstances involved such as the patient is in dire need of emergency care or driving under the influence is present.

Urine Test

Getting Tested Might Save You

Everyone has at least one or two minor medical issues in their body, so it can be a great idea to take the time to find out what is going on. If your doctor asks you to take the test, don’t panic and don’t say no.

This could be a great test to take and even though you probably will not like taking it, it’s important to have.

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