Saliva Hormone Testing – Is It For You?

The saliva, or mouth swab, test is a relatively common type of medical test used in the detection of many substances in your body, including:

  • steroid hormones such as cortisol
  • genetic material (DNA/ RNA)
  • proteins
  • metabolites

Saliva testing is also used to screen for or diagnose numerous conditions and disease states, including Cushing’s disease, HIV, cancer, parasites and allergies.

A single saliva test administered by a lab can tell you a lot about your hormonal state. However, many aren’t sure whether they should be using these tests.

So, which hormones can be tested for with a saliva hormone test and are these tests really for you?

Testing for Hormones

The primary hormones tested using the saliva test include:

  • Estradiol
  • progesterone and
  • testosterone.

In women, salivary hormonal tests can be used to detect ovarian malfunction and reproductive issues such as unexplained pregnancy and variations in testosterone.

Not Just For Women

Men and women both need to know the hormone levels within their body.

Men may be tested to determine the level of testosterone in their bodies, which can help identify issues such as testicular cancer and muscular issues. The testosterone saliva test is also a common test administered in competitive sports.

Should You Use A Saliva Test?

Saliva Hormone Testing

If your doctor orders one, then definitely get the test. It’s non-intrusive, easy to administer and will help you know where you stand on a number of important potential diseases and hormonal issues.

If you’re worried about being tested for drugs by submitting to a saliva test, don’t. Doctor-ordered saliva tests do not test for the presence of drugs or drug metabolites; they are used to identify very specific disease markers or levels of chemicals in your body.

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