Passing An Employment Drug Test

The employment drug test has become a real obstacle for many potential employees.  Most employers today have the legal authority to offer random drug tests to their employees and as a precondition to hiring a new employee.

This might sound a little crazy to some but actually its one of the best ideas employers can have today simply because they know the people they hire are safe and free from drugs.  If you or someone you love is worried about passing a drug test, read on.

The Simplest Answer

Stay clean!

More specifically, do not take drugs for at least 100 days prior to a drug test.  This is the simplest solution to test clean and clear in a drug test.

However, if you have had a slip and have taken drugs recently, then you must ensure you’re clean before taking the test. If you have a positive reading, it could cost you your current job or not be considered for the job you are interviewing.

Why Are Drug Tests Being Conducted?

Most employers today want to ensure their employees are free from drugs especially when it comes to high-risk jobs.

Construction workers and police officers are just two industries where employees cannot use drugs because being under the influence can impair their judgement which could lead to injury, massive financial loss or even fatalities.  Random drug tests are conducted in many workplaces today simply because they need to ensure they are hiring safe and responsible people.

Also, it helps to catch people saying they are ill when in reality, they have been using drugs. If there is a problem with performance at work, a random drug test such as a urine test or a hair drug test might be conducted.

Arrested for DUI? Avoid Taking The Test

In many states, you risk losing your unemployment insurance coverage if you test positive on a drug test following an arrest for DUI/DWI.

Each state’s rules are different, as this Georgia legal briefing explains:

But the bottom-line in all states: if you were drinking or doing drugs before driving, then just don’t take the blood/urine/saliva test. You’ll save yourself a world of trouble, even if they take your license.

Passing a Drug Test

Everyone knows the answer, stay clean. That’s not advice, it’s common sense.

You need to be aware that some drugs stay within the system for extended periods of time. A urine test might show up any number of drugs, and even though it could have been days or even weeks since you last used any drugs, they can still show up. But a hair drug test can detect long-term use of drugs, up to 3 or more months.

However, let’s say you did drugs recently and are worried about an upcoming surprise drug test.

Are there ways to pass a drug test, even when you’re not clean?

There are many websites online selling all sorts of detox shampoos, detox drinks, pills and even fake urine kits (with a rubber phallus, to boot).

Many drug user forums document the positive experiences of people who’ve used certain shampoos and cleaning regimens to eliminate traces of THC from the hair follicle, but the drug testing companies claim these cannot work.

The scientific evidence is pretty thin re. whether these often-expensive detox solutions work.

It’s probably best to not put your employment at risk for shady products sold on the internet. But if you’re stuck in a situation where you have nothing to lose, then they’re probably worth a shot. Just do your research.

What Are the Laws about Drug Testing?

Every state in America has their own rules, regulations and laws about mandatory drug testing.

Some states specifically authorize every employer to perform random drug testing; others limit it to certain jobs. Many sports teams do this, too.

Every state is different so you need to be aware of the laws in your area.

However, if you are really worried about passing an employment drug test, you are best to avoid drugs entirely. Yes, this might be a little difficult for some, but you must do your best otherwise your potential new job might be gone before you’ve had the chance to prove yourself.

Don’t Put Your Job at Risk

Drug Test

Jobs aren’t as easy to come by as you think, especially jobs you
really want and enjoy and you cannot risk failing a drugs test.

Of course, for some, avoiding drugs is easier said than done but if you are going to an interview for a job or know there are random tests being conducted, don’t run the risk. Some drugs can remain within the system for an extended period of time.

A urine or a hair drug test can also show lots of drugs within the system which is why more and more employers use this testing method.

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