New Medical Test For Early Cancer Detection

Cancer refers to a group of diseases that occur as a result of abnormal and uncontrollable cell growth that affects different parts of the body. There are more than 100 types of cancer, and each is categorized according to the kind of transformed cell.  Detecting cancer early with a medical test or a screening test is key to fighting the battle.

Cancer causes the formation of lumps of tissue also called tumors, and these can interfere with standard body functions in various ways. Tumors can affect the nervous, digestive as well as the blood circulatory systems. Leukemia is the only form of cancer that does not cause tumors but prohibits the normal functioning of blood.

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When the tumor spreads to other parts of the body, then the new condition of cancer becomes very difficult to treat. It destroys other healthy tissues, and it affects the normal function of the affected body parts. What is more worrying is that cancer currently stands as the second primary cause of death in the US. More than 575, 000 people die every year while more than 1, 5 million people are diagnosed with cancer every year.

Basic Facts About Cancer

You should understand that cancer can affect any part of the body and in women, breast cancer is the most common. Prostate cancer is prevalent among men while lung cancer affects both men and women. While there is no definite cure of disease when it has spread to other parts of the body, the good news is that it can be managed and controlled such that the affected person can live with it.

Cancer is a common health problem that can affect any person regardless of age or gender. However, some types of cancer are prevalent among a specific group of people, and they have a link with aspects such as age. For example, prostate cancer mainly affects the seniors, and it is rare among the youth. In most cases, people above the age of 25 years are vulnerable to different types of cancers compared to teenagers.

Cancer Treatment

Many factors determine the type of cancer treatment and its effectiveness. The type of cancer is the primary determinant that can cure the disease. These types of cancers vary, and their stage is also essential when determining the appropriate treatment for the diagnosed condition. When cancer has reached an advanced stage, it can be challenging to treat.

The age and health status of the person affected with cancer are also essential since they help the physicians to determine the medicine that can be useful. Other personal characteristics like lifestyle help in the selection of treatment of cancer.

The other important issue is that cancer has no single treatment and patients can get a combination of therapies. Some of the treatments for cancer include chemotherapy, surgery as well as radiation. Hormone and gene therapy are other forms of cancer treatments available.

The Significance of Cancer Detection

Rates of cancer screening and detection are significantly increasing thanks to cutting-edge developments in new medical equipment. The advantage of early detection of cancer is that the disease will be still at an early and treatable stage. Initial screening also helps to prevent cancer in that it helps in the identification of small irregularities even if there are no noticeable symptoms yet.

There is a new company that offers early cancer detection services, and it is called CellMAx Life. Different services provided by this company seem to be useful, but the only issue is that the firm operates in a few places.

About CellMax Life

CellMax Life, a California company, appears to be on the cutting edge of development of a new medical test to detect cancer while it is still in early stages. CellMax Life Company is a leader in offering cancer diagnostic services in a bid to provide an initial solution to the problem before it spreads to other parts of the body.

CellMax Life was established in 2013, and it is still growing. It is headquartered in California, but one of the notable issues is that it has not yet spread to different parts in the US. It also operates through patents.

The mission of CellMax is to offer early cancer detection and management services through globally affordable blood tests that are also non-invasive.  CellMax has a unique CMx platform that is capable of detecting circulating tumor cells (CTC).  There are many advantages of detecting CTCs before they grow to affect other healthy cells in the body.

Key Features of CellMax Life’s CMX Technology

The CMx technology is capable of detecting fewer CTCs at an early cancer stage. Previously, this has not been possible since no technology could detect CTCs when the development of cancer in certain parts of the body was still in early stages. The CTCs were said to be too few in the healthy blood cells, so it was difficult to accurately identify them before the advent of this new cancer detection technology by CellMax Life.

Owing to this new technology offered by CellMax life via different patents, even fewer than five CTCs per over billion normal cells can be detected in the early stages of cancer. The new cancer detection technology uses advanced imaging techniques that help in the identification and detection of CTCs in samples that range up to about 90 percent.

CellMAx Life also offers different tests in circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and Next Generation Sequencing of DNA.  These cancer testing methods have enhanced precision regarding determining medical solutions to healthy people as well as those diagnosed with the disease. The unique technology makes CellMax Life the only company to overcome the hard to perform CTC detection at an early stage.

There are different cancer tests by CellMax Life that include the following: Test for Risk of Hereditary Cancer, Colorectal Cancer Detection Test, Prostate Cancer Test, PanCa Monitoring Test and CellMax-LBx Liquid Biopsy for immunotherapy test. All clinical testing is done at laboratories with accreditation from CAP and CLIA in California, Sunnyvale, Taipei, and Taiwan. Currently, CellMax Life operates in the US and Taiwan.

Source:  CellMax Life

Advantages of Early Cancer Detection

At this detection rate, CellMax Life is capable of bringing sweeping changes in the field of cancer treatment. The central power of early detection of CTCs is that corrective measures can be taken to eliminate them before they spread to other parts of the body where it becomes a problem to treat them.

Detection of CTCs in early-stage or pre patients is advantageous in that cancer can be successfully treated.  There is a medication that can heal the disease when it is still in its early stages, and this helps to save a life. Physicians are in a position to know the right treatment when cancer is still in its early stages.

Early cancer detection also helps in the provision of solutions meant to prevent cancer among healthy people. People get an education about the measures they can take to live a healthy lifestyle if no CTCs are detected in their bodies. A change of lifestyle can prevent some cancers, and many people are aware of this vital knowledge.

Other Potential benefits of CellMax Life’s CTC Tests

According to research, early cancer detection also means that CellMax Life’s CTCs tests are likely to become the standard alternative for more than 100 million Americans over 45 years. The people who belong to this group are eligible to go for the screening of colorectal cancer. This condition is prevalent among people who belong to this age group.

Early screening of colorectal cancer can significantly help the people in this age group to know their status so that they can take appropriate measures to treat or prevent it. Millions of dollars usually channeled towards cancer treatment will be saved in the long run when many people can avoid this type of cancer.

Research shows that colorectal cancer is one of the most preventable cancers through early detection. Unfortunately, research indicates that in the United States, this disease is the second deadliest cancer as a result of lack of compliance. Current tests are invasive and inconvenient in some cases such that the people eligible for testing do not go for screening.

drawing blood sampleThus, the noninvasive nature of blood tests by CellMax Life offer potential results for encouraging people to go for early cancer tests. This CMx cancer screening method is useful in addressing the following unmet needs: affordability, accuracy, and convenience. Lack of these needs has been deterring many eligible people from going for early screening of colorectal cancer. To overcome this scenario, physicians need to adopt CellMax Life’s new initial cancer detection method.

How CellMax Life Operates

The other essential element about CellMax’s operations is that it has already granted six US patents to use its CMx platform. The significance of the patents is that they cover the whole detection flow. The patents in the US also help in making the detection tests accessible to different people in various places across the US.

The other advantage of patents is that they use the same technology and they help in popularizing the brand that is still relatively new in some parts of the US. It is a fact that cancer is a widespread problem in the US and this new technology comes as great relief to many people. As such, patents play a pivotal role in marketing the technology and making it visible to many individuals who may like to use it.

Global Patents

There are also 16 other worldwide patents that contribute to this growing field of early cancer detection. This development is good news since it brings great relief to different people who face threats of cancer infections in different parts of the globe.

Cancer is a global problem since it is also responsible for the deaths of millions of people in different parts of the world. The widespread promotion of early detection technology of CTCs is likely to play a pivotal role in alleviating this challenging problem across the different places. The other issue is that the technology is affordable such that many people are likely to adopt it in the long run once they gain knowledge about its functions and benefits.

The company is also partnering with other researchers and across the globe in a bid to find a lasting solution to the problem of cancer. It also aims to promote cancer detection tests that are noninvasive. Prevention can also be possible when early detection points to the possibility of development of CTCs in the bloodstream.

Through early cancer detection, it is possible to select appropriate treatment of the disease. It also becomes easy to monitor the condition once early symptoms are identified.

Affordability of the Detection Tests

The other important aspect CellMax Life’s early cancer detection test is that it is relatively affordable. The cutting-edge technology makes the cost for undertaking the analysis is just too reasonable to believe. The comprehensive risk test is the Hereditary Cancer Risk DNA Test (saliva test) testing for 25 different cancers and costs about $200, and the amount is fair given the precision and accuracy of the test.  There is also a Breast cancer risk (saliva test) testing 15 genes available for about $150.  You may find a promotion or discounted price on their website.  When having the new blood test done, please check with the insurance company to see if they cover it, otherwise, it will be out of pocket. The company is still waiting on FDA and Medicare approvals.

With this favorable kind of pricing, a lot of people who go for testing will save a lot of money by preventing the disease. Those diagnosed early can get the right treatment before the condition gets out of control.

Cancer is the second cause of death in the US, and there are indications that it can grow by 70 percent in the coming two decades. These statistics are a cause for concern, but the good news is that there is an enterprising company called CellMax Life that has invented cutting-edge technology to detect cancer at an early stage.

CellMax Life uses noninvasive blood tests for detecting CTCs in the body so that corrective action can be taken by both healthy people and those diagnosed with cancer. The primary goal of this company is to reduce cancer mortality whereby treatment can be successful when the disease is still in its early stages.

Early detection of cancer is also crucial since it helps the physicians to make informed decisions concerning the treatment of this condition.  The company is currently working on colorectal cancer tests, prostate cancer tests, and liquid biopsy. The public can register on their website for updates.

On the other hand, initial cancer detection tests can also help to empower different people with knowledge about measures they can take to prevent cancer. Such measures include activities like a change of lifestyle since this contributes to cancer infections in some instances.

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