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A Perfect Health Gift

Paying monthly insurance premiums can get pricey. Lots of people dread having to pay monthly bills for a car, homeowners, and life insurance. Adding health insurance to the mix can feel like a waste of money for those who don’t understand their health insurance plans.

Now that more information on health insurance is available, things are changing. People are seeing ways that their health insurance can save them money by providing free medical screening tests and other benefits, but learn the rules.

Free Annual Checkup

A healthy person taking a prescription for acid reflux only might think having health insurance doesn’t really benefit him. Taking time to discover what his health insurance offers will likely change his mind. Typically the first thing he will find while doing his research is he can get a free wellness checkup.

How to Get a Checkup for Free

Health InsuranceHe needs to get in touch with his insurance company. Calling a toll-free number to schedule his checkup at a nearby doctor’s office is simple. He just gives them some personal information as well as a time that works for him.

They’ll send him a few forms to complete and bring with him the day of his exam. They’ll also remind him to bring his health insurance card to the medical center.Staying within his network is important.

Otherwise, he might have to pay a co-pay or wait for reimbursement. He probably wants his health insurance to cover everything, with him walking out not having to pay a dime.

That’s exactly what he’ll get by staying in his network. He can always call his insurance company if he’s not sure if they consider health center in the network. They’ll be able to tell him either way.

This often gets adults thinking. If their checkup was free, what kind of free medical tests are covered on their plan? They pay for their health insurance, so they should reap the benefits that come included for free! can get them the answers they’re looking for.

 Medical Tests Coverage

While looking at the list of free medical tests a policy owner may be shocked. It is hard to believe his health insurance would allow him to get so many.

The research will prove why the insurance company provides free coverage. Most of the free medical tests on the list are meant to be preventative.

It’s in the health insurance company’s best interest for them to catch these problems early on. If left untreated, medical issues could get worse and the insured would need more expensive treatment.

That means more money in the long run that the company would have to pay. The patient getting the full medical tests coverage is a win-win situation.

The insurance company will save long term if he gets a grip on his health. He’ll also save money and preserve his health by taking care of warning signs early on.

No deductible has to be met, and no charge for co-pay. As long as he stays within his network, the medical tests coverage for the ones mentioned in here is 100%.

High Blood Pressure Screening

Health InsuranceThe insured can get his blood pressure screened for free. Hypertension left untreated can cause numerous heart and circulatory problems. It can also lead to decreased kidney function and failure.It’s certainly something everyone should have checked.If the doctor sees the patient has high blood pressure, he can also do free medical tests to check for Type 2 Diabetes.

Alcohol Misuse Screening and Counseling

Health InsuranceJust to be clear, the medical tests coverage for this is absolutely free and voluntary. It’s not like a surprise urine test at work, it’s something one can elect to do.If he feels he may have problems controlling his alcohol intake, it’s a good idea to have the test done.The results are his own private information, not reported to anyone without his consent.

The best part is if the tests are positive he’ll get free counseling so he can stop abusing alcohol. Alcoholism if left untreated can lead to severe liver damage and sometimes cancer. Other repercussions include deterioration of mental health and increased anxiety.

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Testing

Health InsuranceThis is one of the free medical tests that is a one-time freebie for men who were ever smokers. Although this problem is rare, when it does occur it’s typically in adult males who’ve used nicotine at some point in their lives.

If the test reveals the insured has an abdominal aortic aneurysm, he’ll probably need surgery, sometimes immediately. The aorta is the size of a garden hose and delivers blood supply all over the body.If an aneurysm were to rupture, it could be fatal. It’s best to get examined if he ever was a tobacco user and remember, it’s one of the free medical tests.

Cholesterol Screening

Health InsuranceThe medical tests coverage for cholesterol screening is another advantage of having health insurance. Most of the time, high cholesterol has no noticeable symptoms.

High cholesterol is problematic because it can clog arteries leading to the heart and cause a heart attack or even heart failure. Usually, medication, diet, and exercise can impede any serious problems if the doctor knows his patient has it. Every adult should take advantage of these free medical tests.

 Depression Screening

Health InsuranceThe rates of depression in the 2010’s are some of the highest ever recorded in history. Some people can be depressed and not even know it.Tiredness, agitation, changes in appetite, and obesity are just a few of the symptoms that often go overlooked.

Luckily health insurance offers complete medical tests coverage for a depression screening. Mental health goes hand in hand with physical health, so keeping both in check is crucial.

HIV Screening

Health InsuranceAnyone age fifteen to sixty-five will have this medical tests coverage entirely taken care of by the health insurance company.HIV doesn’t have to be a death sentence if caught in time.Modern medications and protocol can help those diagnosed maintain their health and the health of others.Other free medical tests covered by health insurance providers include:

-Testing for those at a higher risk for Hepatitis

-Testing for lung cancer in people with high risk due to being a senior citizen and ever being a smoker

-Screening for obesity and counseling

-Syphilis Screening for sexually active adults with an elevated risk

-Tobacco Addiction Screening in adults who use nicotine products

These are just a few of the main free medicals tests that are completely covered by health insurance. For a better understanding of what an individual’s personal coverage entails, he should contact his insurance provider.

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