How Accurate Is Hair Drug Testing?

Do You Know What Hair Follicle Drug Testing Is?

This simply means analyzing hair samples for the parent drugs and also knowing their metabolites. In this case, a hair specimen that has been collected from the body or the donor’s head is sent to a lab for screening.

A hair sample makes it easy for you to know if there are illicit substances in the hair. A drug test is a very important procedure today and it is known to be among the most accurate methods used in testing drugs.

The accuracy of this method has made it very popular and another thing about this hair drug test is that it is able to detect the drug history of an individual for the past 3 months or so and also be able to determine the monthly consumption of an individual.

Despite the fact that there are several methods used for test drugs, this type of test has been approved as the most accurate and effective method of testing drugs. This method is known to be the easiest and the simplest method of testing drugs because it only requires a piece of hair from the scalp of an individual who is about to undergo this kind of test.

What Does Hair Drug Testing Usually Test?

It tests the presence of things like Cocaine, Opiates, Amphetamines and even Phencyclidine. Some people do not understand how this hair drug test functions but the growth of hair is enhanced by the bloodstream and this makes it easy to know whether one has ingested drugs or abused drugs in the past. Check here for more info.

Hair drug test procedure

It is advisable for you to know the procedure used in testing drugs because it can assist you at one time in your life. Such tests are usually done by specialists or scientists who use special equipment when evaluating the special markers on metabolites or the hair samples.

If there are samples of any drug in the bloodstream of an individual then there are high chances that the metabolites will be produced and these drugs will be detected. Another important thing that is worth knowing about this drug test method is that you cannot easily tamper with the results of the test of its accuracy hence making the popularity of this method to rise day by day.

Urine test is another method of testing drugs but it cannot be compared with the hair test because of the accurate results that you can obtain.

Another thing that is worth knowing about this hair drug test method is that even if you bleach your hair with various substances, color it or use some contaminants still you will not affect the result. That is why specialists have said that you can tamper with other methods of testing drugs but it is not easy to tamper with the hair drug test method.

The hair follicle drug test method is known to be the least evasive method as compared to others like urine, breath, and sweat.

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