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Thoughts and opinions regarding changes in health insurance (US only).

It’s Open Enrollment Time, So What’s Different This Year?

Open Enrollment

Main Points

  • Open enrollment for 2022 coverage started November 1, 2021. It will close in most states on January 15. However, people must enroll before December 15 to be eligible for coverage effective January 1.
  • Most of them set the end date for open enrollment in this year’s state-run exchanges at January 15 or 31.
  • Enrollment for 2021 plans is available through several state-run exchanges. People who have been paid unemployment compensation in 2021 may still enroll.
  • California, Colorado, Washington, DC, and Washington, DC have extended open enrollment for a permanent period. Most state-run exchanges also tend to offer open enrollment every year. There has been a shift towards fully-state-run exchanges.
  • Fully state-run exchanges (15 for 2021; increasing to 18 by 2022) could always extend OEP.
  • You will normally need to have a qualifying event
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Biden Admin. Creates Special Enrollment For Health Insurance

Health Insurance During Pandemic

For those who’ve been without health insurance during the pandemic, relief is in sight! In January, President Biden approved an executive order to start up the national medical insurance market for three months so uninsured individuals can purchase a plan. People who wish to modify their market coverage can do so.

Consumer advocates acclaimed the directive. Since 2016, the number of American citizens without health insurance has increased, approaching 30 million in 2019. The economic explosion caused by the COVID-19 crisis has made a bad situation worse, driving millions out of their insurance programs due to unemployment.… Read More

Largest Health Insurance Companies In America

In the United States, there are lots of private insurance companies selling a variety of types of insurance. There is property/casualty and life/annuity insurers, then you have Accident and Medical insurance, as reported by the Insurance Information Institute.

In 2018, the accident and health insurance market’s direct written premiums reached $1.1 trillion, up by 57.3 percent from 2009. The increase in premiums is most likely a combination of more Americans having health insurance and the prices for health insurance plans have gone up.  The ten biggest insurers jointly wrote 51.8 percent of the total US market, as per the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).… Read More

Learn All About Temporary Health Insurance

Temporary or Short Term Health Insurance gives coverage for medical illness and accident for a fixed period, usually with a lower premium than other kinds of basic medical fitness insurance. There are two benefits to buying Temporary Health Insurance.

First, you can utilize your Temporary Health Insurance to pay for assistance from any physician or clinic (any in-network provider). Yes, you may keep your physician!

Second, Temporary Health Insurance policies have no Open Enrollment time constraints you may apply for one at any time of the year. You’ll be notified if your application is approved, and your policy can be used as early as the following day.… Read More

Reducing Your Out-Of-Pocket Medicare Healthcare Costs

doctor office visit insurance medicare

How To Figure Out Medicare Health Insurance

When we reach retirement age, we begin to receive a monthly check from the government. This is not a gift. Throughout our lives, money is taken from our salary and paid into the Social Security Administration.

Medicare is a government administered health insurance program for people over 65 years old or people with disabilities. Medicare health insurance is not free, though Medicaid does help people of low income with some of their health insurance needs at no cost.Read More

Buy Or Renew Your Health Insurance For 2018

Health insurance is a bit complicated for millions of families in the US. Different types of networks, a variety of health plans, and income dictates the options available, yet no insurance company created all plans equally. In addition to this, there are variations on costs and coverage depending on location.

The annual open enrollment period offers a chance for applicants and families to make a positive change. This is when they can switch to a better plan or buy a plan for the first time.

The concern this year is that there may not be quite so many plans, and the costs will go up. Some will be pleasantly surprised by the outcome, while others will lose out. It all comes down to the potential changes to the Affordable Care Act, which Congress continues to … Read More

Facts About The Health Insurance Marketplace

Health insurance is a financial burden faced by many American families. Many have problems finding a plan that is affordable and manageable. Those that struggle are often unaware of their options and the help available.

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a federal government run system providing plans from private health and dental insurance companies. This accessible system offers aid for those in need and does more than some may think.  Using a licensed insurance agent can clear up the mystery and there is no extra charge or higher premium.… Read More

Reasons Behind Health Insurance Claims Denial

There are many reasons why your health insurance company may deny covering your claim. One of the most important things you need to do is to read through the Explanation of Benefits (EOB).

The Explanation of Benefits will tell you everything you need to know regarding you office visit, procedures or tests performed, and explanation codes. If you can’t find the answer, then call your insurance provider, so you save yourself time and money in the future.… Read More

Medicare Open Enrollment Is Here… So Get Ready!

This initial enrollment period begins for each on the first day of the month in which they are both age 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B. Initial Enrollment starts 3 months prior to your birthday and 3 months after your birthday for a total of six months to get enrolled.

For example, if your birthday is March 3 and you enroll in Medicare Part B to start on March 1 of that same year, your Initial Enrollment period would begin in January and last through the month of June.… Read More

Annual Open Enrollment For Health Insurance

It never fails. The dreaded once a year email comes to all employees and is from Human Resources: “Open Enrollment is Here!” screams the subject line. You remember last year as you wearily tried to make sense of the never-ending choices between plans.

Health insurance doesn’t have to be a dirty word! Employers realize that these benefits are of great importance to employees and offer them at a very affordable rate. Presented below are essential concepts of plans and what it ultimately means to you.… Read More

Free Medical Tests Available With Health Insurance

A Perfect Health Gift

Paying monthly insurance premiums can get pricey. Lots of people dread having to pay monthly bills for a car, homeowners, and life insurance. Adding health insurance to the mix can feel like a waste of money for those who don’t understand their health insurance plans.

Now that more information on health insurance is available, things are changing. People are seeing ways that their health insurance can save them money by providing free medical screening tests and other benefits, but learn the rules. … Read More