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Information regarding how recent advances in drug testing technology are impacting employment, insurance policies, and claims.

Confused About New Marijuana Laws And Getting Hired?

Employers have been grappling with confusing marijuana laws for many years, and the rules are becoming more challenging to navigate as more states change employment protections.

There are many new improvements with drug-testing and marijuana legislation, making it hard for companies to keep up. In 2020, some places will prohibit employers from testing new hires for weed use or refusing to hire applicants according to a failed pre-employment marijuana test–although there are exemptions for safety-sensitive jobs. This might be a new trend for the coming years.… Read More

States Allowed To Drug Test Food Stamp Recipients

The Trump administration is thinking about adopting a plan which would permit the individual states to demand drug testing for food stamp recipients, according to the Associated Press.

The proposal is just one more step in the White House’s potential to allow states more flexibility in executing federal programs for the poor. Additionally, it needs to enable work demands for recipients.

Federal law bans states from imposing their own constraints on the food stamps eligibility. At least 20 states have introduced laws to display safety program participants, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

white house admin signs billIn April of 2018, Trump signed an executive order calling for agencies to establish or strengthen present work requirements for specific people who benefit from federal welfare programs.… Read More

Is The US Any Further Forward With Hair Follicle Drug Testing?

Drug testing is an important regulation for many Americans under employment contracts. This is true across a spectrum of industries. Workers within a major corporations need to prove they are reliable, safe workers that uphold the principles of the company.

Nurses and medical workers cannot put lives at risk while under the influence. Police officers cannot appear to be above the law and must abide by drugs policies. Athletes and sports teams require regular drug testing to ensure that they are naturally gifted, worthy winners.

There are different ways to test these individuals, and one of the popular approaches these days is hair follicle drug testing. The problem is that while many see the potential of this methods, and the advancements made, there are also critics that highlight ongoing limitations.… Read More

Steps For Effective Employer Drug Testing

A good employer will want to ensure that the working environment in his or her organization is drug-free; in fact, it is his or her responsibility to do so.

After all, the prosperity of a company and the welfare of its employees are affected by the use of illicit drugs.

There are many consequences of the proliferation of drug users in an organization—from on-site accidents, decreased productivity and profit, absenteeism, and the compromised safety of the employees.… Read More

Implementation Of Roadside Saliva Drug Testing

A roadside saliva drug testing campaign for drug impairment fell through after Montpellier lawmakers were reluctant to okay the move. This happened even after prosecutors and law-enforcement authorities rolled out a report that substantiated its effectiveness.

Sporadic meetings by the Joint Legislative Justice Oversight Committee have taken place to look back at the state policy on marijuana regarding medicinal and recreational from the date of legislature adjournment in May.… Read More

How Drug Tests Can Improve An Employee’s Productivity

With the increasing rate of drug abuse in the world, employers have found it essential to perform a drug test on their employees, on a regular basis. It is important for every employer to keep his working environment a drug free zone, to ensure the productivity of his or her employees as well as for the overall growth of the company.

For you to carry out a drug test exercise in a working place there must be an agreement between you the employer and your employees. This activity should also adhere to the health and safety rules.

It is very clear that drug test and drug testing is essential to maintain a safe and drug-free place. However, this exercise can affect the productivity of an employee in other great ways. Follow through as I discuss … Read More

How Accurate Is Hair Drug Testing?

Do You Know What Hair Follicle Drug Testing Is?

This simply means analyzing hair samples for the parent drugs and also knowing their metabolites. In this case, a hair specimen that has been collected from the body or the donor’s head is sent to a lab for screening.

A hair sample makes it easy for you to know if there are illicit substances in the hair. A drug test is a very important procedure today and it is known to be among the most accurate methods used in testing drugs.

The accuracy of this method has made it very popular and another thing about this hair drug test is that it is able to detect the drug history of an individual for the past 3 months or so and also be able to determine the … Read More

Saliva Testing Facts: A “Must” Read for All

Have you ever had to get a “drug test”?

Without a doubt you have, or either a friend grumbled about having to get one as a significant aspect of a hiring procedure for their employment.  Or somebody you know needed to do it as a component of a probation assertion, or maybe even you have been expected to give a sample to continue to work or the human resource department to demonstrate that you are free of illegal drugs.

Regardless, drug testing happens all the time and for various reasons and the most well-known approach to recognizing the vicinity of drug metabolites in the body is through urine or a “urine test.”… Read More

Passing An Employment Drug Test

The employment drug test has become a real obstacle for many potential employees.  Most employers today have the legal authority to offer random drug tests to their employees and as a precondition to hiring a new employee.

This might sound a little crazy to some but actually its one of the best ideas employers can have today simply because they know the people they hire are safe and free from drugs.  If you or someone you love is worried about passing a drug test, read on.… Read More

Why Hair Drug Tests Can’t Be Cheated

Since its release in the early 2000s, the hair drug test has become the fastest-growing form of drug test used by US employers and government officials today.

Just last month, Louisiana joined the chorus of states approving the hair drug test for use in parolee monitoring and employer drug testing.

It isn’t difficult to understand why: for the most part, hair drug tests are very effective. In fact, more and more employers today are favoring hair drug tests over urine tests, because the drugs remain detectable in the hair longer.

In response, some people think they can cheat a hair drug test, because they believe the hair can be cleansed from all signs of the drugs; but, that is far from true.

So why is the hair drug test so hard to cheat?… Read More