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After many years selling Florida health insurance online, we’ve updated our site to WordPress and refocused our scope to cover the intersection of health insurance and medical testing, on our new (and much better) blog.

Drug Test

The medical testing industry is changing quickly, and insurance coverage for medical & drug tests is also changing (due to other factors).

For example, the passage of the ACA (Affordable Care Act) has dramatically changed the rules for drug addiction coverage and now require certain forms of medical testing be covered as preventative care under ACA-approved health insurance plans.

Advances in technology – DNA analysis, immunoassay and other technologies – is making accurate, long-term predictive tests for many common and deadly diseases possible and affordable to everyone. This sets the stage for a healthier, more aware society. Which in turn will impact how insurance policies are written in the future.

In addition, the availability of low-cost, super-precise mass spectrometry equipment has created an “accuracy renaissance” in the drug testing world, making home drug tests and much more affordable and more accurate than ever before. Longer-term drug testing is now possible through advances in hair drug testing, for example.

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